Screen Printing the Details

4-color super detailed screen printed t-shirt for Three Point Yacht Club.

It’s all about screen printing the details! We get a lot of questions if the details in the artwork will come out as clear when screen printed. Here’s a great example on how details in the image can be printed perfectly just by changing up your screen mesh. Our awesome clients at Three Tree Point Yacht Club needed t-shirts for the Duwamish Head Race. They wanted a very detailed 4-color design screen printed on to the left chest and back of cotton t-shirts. The left chest image contained very detailed lines in the print and it was important to us that those came out crystal clear. We used a 305 meshed screen to allow the ink to come through tiny holes and fill in those smaller areas. The shirts turned out better than expected. 305 mesh allows you to print super fine images on to textlies. It will give bring out the detail and is best used for half-tones or four color process projects.¬†Learn more about mesh counts and how to use them.