Screen Printing Photos

Screen printng half tones to put a photo image on a t-shirt.

We get a lot of questions about screen printing photos on to t-shirts especially around the holidays. There are two methods we use to get this done – for colored photography we use a 4-color process. This method breaks down the image into four basic colors and plots the image using a combination of those colors. Depending on your budget, 4-color process can be expensive to set up so we often recommend breaking the photo up into half tones and printing the image in black. The results are great for the t-shirt and your pocketbook as you see in the image above. So to answer everyone’s questions, we can definitely screen print your photos. Based on your project goals, we can come up with a solution that will work for you.

It’s a wrap! The holidays are behind us and we now begin to look forward to the New Year. We had a great 2015! We project that 2016 will be even greater. The last few holiday screen printing orders that we finished before we closed shop to enjoy time with families are below. We screen printed a one color wrestling t-shirts for the Mercer Island Wrestling team, and printed 2-color reprints for I Love Ramen, a ramen noodle house located in Federal Way.

All in all, we are wrapping up the year and ready to take on 2016 with a ton of gratitude for our clients. We have a lot to be grateful for. Thanks everyone! Happy New Year!

Two color screen printed t-shirt for I Love Ramen 1-color screen printed t-shirt for Mercer Island Wrestling.