Sometime back in 2011, LoHo and a Frenchmen named, Stephane, sat down for a beer at South Lake Union’s re:public. Both worked for Microsoft at the time, but their hearts and minds were with their small businesses. Rain City West was still ramping and Stephane’s business, bydfault, was still a great idea swirling around his very smart, french head. As time went by, we at RCW kept in very close touch with Stephane and bydfault. It was a pleasure to watch him in record time build an amazing business. See, bydfault is not just a t-shirt clothing line – they do make some pretty rad t-shirts, but the meaning has a greater purpose. Each shirt is created to  drive awareness on problems our world is facing and to give back to non-profit organizations. So you can look good and help out the world – win, win.

In Stephane’s own words about his company  – “We team up with artists to drive awareness on problems our world is facing and to give back to non-profits that are impacting lives and changing the world in the area of: education, children, human trafficking, climate change, poverty and curable diseases…”

Rain City West is pleased to have printed these shirts for bydfault. We wish Stephane all the best and will enjoy watching him change the world! bydfault opens August 19th so mark your calendars!