Now guess who is in the shop???

Victor, our screen printer.Screen print operator, Victor Ramirez! Victor has been with Rain City West Printing since the beginning in spirit, but physically showed up here during our Black Friday rush to help out. We liked having him around so much, that we asked him to stay on.

RCW: Where are you from?

Victor: Mexico, but I’ve lived in Seattle for 17 years.

RCW: What do you do here?

Victor: I’m….uh….I do stuff. I guess I operate the presses.

RCW: What do you do when you are not in the shop?

Victor: Hang with my awesome wife, cook at PCC markets, play my guitar and do taxes on my computer.

RCW: Why are you interested in t-shirts?

Victor: T-shirts keep me from being naked in public and I like to look good while I’m doing it. And my wife likes to look at the sick graphics.

RCW: Are you in any bands?

Victor: Only in fake ones. Some that I’ve made up are called: Digital Jesus Face and my Dub-set DJ name is Mac-Mother-Mammoth.

RCW: What t-shirts are you working on right now?

Victor: A Sadie graphic for my own printing pleasure to sell to my friends.

RCW: So do you have your own clothing brand?

Victor: Company-ish. I have my own cult though. We sell shirts to get new cult members.

Victor keeps us laughing at Rain City West Printing. We are so happy to have him here.