Guess who is always in the shop?

Avesome Dave!Awesome David Ho, our beloved founder and co-owner of Rain City West Printing!

RCW: Why did you open up Rain City West Printing?

David: Well over a period of a few weeks, like ten  people called or mentioned at the house that I should do screen printing again, and then I randomly found this heat transfer press at the West Seattle Garage Sale. So it got me thinking that it was in the cards and that all I had to do was convince my wife to do it. She was down!

RCW: Why t-shirts?

David: I like blanks.

Victor: Me too! Something about a blank t-shirt.

David: Anybody can put their idea or design down on a t-shirt. I want to help them do that.

RCW: What do you do when you are not in the shop?

David: Mack-in hard at Alki Beach! No just joking. I spend time with my lovely wife, Lori and hang out with my crazy kids.

RCW: How do you like being a small business owner?

David: It is awesome! And way better than working for a big business owner.

RCW: Do you have any advice for aspiring small business owners?

David: Yea. Stop being pussies and aspiring about owning your own business and just do it. It is not that hard.

RCW: So you ever going to do D4 again?

David: Totally. Of course. It is coming soon. That is all I can say about it now.

David rocks Rain City West’s world – he keeps us organized and operating while making this a fun place to work. Thanks Dave!!!