Screen Printing in West Seattle!

Screen Printing Process

The screen printing process can be confusing. Here is a brief description on how we price out our items to build your estimate. Here’s how the pricing works:

1) Take the number of shirts X the cost of each shirt. For example 10 shirts at $3.00 each would be $30.

2) Plus the one time screen set up fee – $25. (Each color in your print will require a screen set up fee, so if you have a 2 color print your screen set up fee would be $50.)

3) Take the number of shirts X the # of colors in your print. Check out the rate grid for this price. For example 10 two color prints at $4.00 a print would be $40.

4) Then add it all together – Shirts ($30) + Screen fee ($50) + Inked prints ($40) = $120

Give us a call if you want us to walk you through it. We can also give you a quote on the spot. And don’t forget about our FAQ section for immediate answers.