Screen Printing in West Seattle!

Group Ordering

Group Ordering

Are you in charge of your groups t-shirt and gear order this year? Are you dreading dealing with the order forms and payments? And on top of all that you are trying to run a fundraiser! Then our group ordering solution is perfect for you. It is designed to minimize the hassle of managing all those individual t-shirt orders and payments by creating a customized webstore for your group. All you have to do is simply share the webstore url and let your group and community quickly and easily start ordering their merchandise from the comfort of the own home with their own payment options. We can even set up personalize options for names. Bam, you are a hero!

And if you are raising money for your group or charity, we have you covered there.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Send and share your artwork for your screen prints, and let us know the items you want to sell (max of 5 items). Also let us know the dates you want your webstore live.
  2. Place the webstore deposit.
  3. We will create the webstore and provide a link that you can share with your community.
  4. After all the orders are placed and collected, we will close the store and start printing up the items.
  5. We’ll have everything ready for you at completion. The completed orders will be bagged and ready for distribution 2 weeks after store closes. Easy peasy!

We do ask that you sell a minimum order of 35 items for group ordering and webstores. To get things moving we request a $100 deposit to get started. The deposit will be refunded after the store closes and the minimum order amount is met. If you are hosting a fundraiser, we can set that up for you as well.