Screen Printing Drawings

Photo of a Griffin pencil drawing.

Screen printing drawings or illustrations you create is absolutely possible. Believe it or not, we’ve received images in a wide variety of nontraditional formats. Last year, one of our customers brought her idea on a cocktail napkin!

Recently, we have had two projects come our way where the clients have provided their images as photos of drawn illustrations. One client wanted screen printing of her daughters drawing of a griffin and the other was for the Aki Kurose music group. They have a student draw their concert shirt each year. Big Dave is awesome at taking these rougher images and creating them to be print ready. Below you’ll see the original image we received and just below that you’ll see the final screen printed t-shirts.

Screen Printing Drawing of a Griffin

Before image of a screen printing drawings

Before – pencil drawing on paper sent to us as a photo.

Screen printing drawings final work.

After – 1-color screen printed t-shirt.

Screen Printing Drawing for Aki Kurose

Before version of a screen printing drawings for Aki Kurose.

Before – ink illustration sent to us as a scanned image.

Final work of the screen printing drawings

After – 1-color screen printed t-shirt.

So get creative and be artistic. If you decide you need your drawing or illustration screen printed on a t-shirt, we can make it come to life. Why not wear your art!