Printing Reprints

Screen printed gear for Fulcrum Landscaping

Set up fees for screen printing projects can be expensive especially if you have a lot of colors in your image. The good news is that the screen set ups only need to happen once. We hold on to the films for each project we print. So if you need to print more of that same image, the only cost is putting it back up on the press. The cost covers the time it takes to put the screen back on the press, alignment, and micro-tuning. Here are a few reprints we worked on this week:

Reprints for Fulcrum Landscape Gear

We had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Fulcrum Landscape on Facebook. They needed gear to protect their staff while working in the elements. Heavy t-shirts and rain jackets are just a few of the items needed to keep staff comfortable and dry, but also need to flow in order to allow for movement.

Screen printed reprints for Fulcrum Landscaping

Reprints for Simon Harris Sporting Goods

We met the granddaughter of the owner of this sporting goods store in Baltimore, MD. You can read our original post here and here’s a great article about the store. From time to time, we get inquiries for printing these t-shirts and we refer them to our client. She can keep the costs down by reprinting them because the set up fees are only charged once.

Reprints of Simon Haris Sporting Goods t-shirts