Find out who is in the shop now?

Rain City West is extremely excited to announce that long time family pal, Rick Cooper, has joined the RCW crew as Head Printer. We actually did a little dance when he agreed to step on board. Here’s a little bit more about Rick:

RCW: What is your name?

Rick: Rick Cooper

RCW: Where are you from?

Rick: Serious? I’m from Kent, WA. The motherland, the mecca where we all became friends.

RCW: Where did you learn to screen print?

Rick: I learned from Damion Hayes, back when I was working at the Yard.

RCW: What is the Yard?

Rick: The Yard was a screen print shop that Dave Ho, Damion Hayes, and myself created around 2004. It was a shop down by the stadiums. We would work on our own projects as well as do custom work. It was a good time.

RCW: Did you guys have tons of parties there?

Rick: No not really. We had one party called Shirt Wars where we brought in all these different t-shirt designers to showcase their work. It was a big success. We even got a beer sponsor for that party. Like I said – It was a good time.

RCW: So what have you been doing since the Yard?

Rick: I ran my own handyman business for many years. Now I am managing an apartment building and I’m the sales manager for Sausage Skateboards and clothing. And of course, I’m also working here.

RCW: What brings you back to screen printing?

Rick: Uhh you asked me. Seriously – I want to do something that I enjoy, something that will break up the grind. I also am happy to help Dave and Lori grow their business.

RCW: So a lot of the folks that work here have their own creative projects going. Do you have one?

Rick: Actually I do. It is my own club called the Hang Out Boyz. I’ve made a few shirts for it. It is going to be HUGE.

Thanks Rick! If you want to know more about Rick – you can find him on Facebook.