Guess who’s in the shop now????

Lori Ho, co-owner of Rain City West Printing

LoHo, co-owner of Rain City West Screen Printing

LoHo – that’s who! Lori Ho is Rain City West’s quote master, marketing guru and co-owner of the shop. I had the pleasure of getting a chance to sit down with this very busy lady.

RCW: So let me get this straight – you work full-time at BECU HQ, you’re a mom of 2 wild boys, wife to Dave, and you still find time to do all the marketing and office management of Rain City West?????

LOHO: Yep. I’m busy and running hard most of the time, but it is worth it.

RCW: So you wanted to originally open up a donut shop?

LOHO: hahaha. Yea, that was the first idea. We have an awesome recipe! I haven’t given up on my donut dream though. One start-up at a time, is all I can handle.

RCW: What are your favorite things?

LOHO: Family – Dave and the kids are my everything. I also heart West Seattle, cooking, laughing, art, pop culture, and of course working at Rain City West.

RCW: What’s the best thing about working at Rain City West?

LOHO: Being the boss! hahahaha. It is rewarding owning your own business. You work a lot of hours, but the more you put in, the more you will get out of it. We have so much fun here – seeing all the cool t-shirts coming out of the shop, pulling quotes, tweeting, blogging. Some  day I hope that I can work here full-time. Also it is great knowing that we have something to pass on to our kids.

RCW: What do you want to be when you grow up?

LOHO: Working for Rain City West 120% of the time.

RCW: What exactly is a quote master?

LOHO: I don’t know, you wrote that. I guess it means, that I’m the person behind the curtain, answering emails, giving quotes, and trying to land the sale.

RCW: What are those boots you are wearing?

LOHO: MOON BOOTS – I love them. Only me and the kids think these boots are cool. Everyone else feels they are a bit much. I don’t care if people like them or not. I’m warm!

RCW: Are you going to let us take a picture of you wearing those boots?

LOHO: Heck yea! I picked these out just for the interview pics.

RCW: What do you think of Juggalos?

LOHO: Woop Woop! Why do Juggalos keep coming up in these interviews?

RCW: Woop Woop!

LOHO: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok get back to work.

The shop wouldn’t be the same without Lori and her sarcastic humor and booming laugh. She keeps us on our toes and we love her for it!